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Just when you think the world is about as high-tech as it can be, something new is released! Technology seems to be ever-growing and ever-improving. This is not a bad thing, but it can come with a bit of a learning curve for those who do not work in the tech world or use a lot of technology in their day jobs. This blog exists to help break through some of those challenges and present information on technology in an approachable, helpful way. We hope you enjoy reading our articles — probably on a really high-tech device like a tablet or smartphone.



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Six Things Your Employees Should Know When It Comes To Cyber Security Efforts At Your Company

If you want your cyber security policies to be effective, you need to get your employees on board with them. Training your employees to follow your cyber security policies is essential. 

The following are six things your employees should know when it comes to cyber security efforts at your company. 

How to secure devices

One of the most important things employees need to know is how to lock their devices so that they are secure. Employees should understand how to secure all devices that they might need to use according to their job function.

They should also be able to easily log in to any devices they'll need so they won't be tempted to keep devices unlocked temporarily for the sake of convenience or speed while working.

How to judge between safe websites and websites to be avoided

Employees will inevitably need to pull up websites as part of work tasks. However, websites can be sources of viruses and other possible cyber security threats. That's why it's important for employees to be thoroughly trained on how to recognize which websites are safe and which are risky. 

How to deal with spam emails and suspicious emails

Office employees will also need to receive and open emails. Employees need to be trained to recognize official, work-related emails so that they don't inadvertently open potentially harmful emails. 

How to set strong passwords and update them when needed

Employees can compromise cyber security if they don't know how to set strong passwords. They can also compromise security if they don't update their passwords often enough.

Make sure your employees undergo training on setting good passwords. Also, make sure that employees know not to share their access passwords with other employees or anyone outside the company. 

How to report cyber security problems

It's important for employees to report cyber security issues so that specialized staff becomes aware of them as quickly as possible. Cyber security staff needs to address security threats promptly. 

You should give your employees a means of reporting cyber security problems quickly and make sure they're trained to report these problems immediately so that they don't lead to security breaches. 

How to access Wi-Fi or view communications off-site without security risks

Employees could compromise your company's cyber security if they use company Wi-Fi unsafely or if they access their email or other company communications off-site in an unsafe manner. That's why it's important to train employees on safe Wi-Fi, email, and telephone system access.