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Just when you think the world is about as high-tech as it can be, something new is released! Technology seems to be ever-growing and ever-improving. This is not a bad thing, but it can come with a bit of a learning curve for those who do not work in the tech world or use a lot of technology in their day jobs. This blog exists to help break through some of those challenges and present information on technology in an approachable, helpful way. We hope you enjoy reading our articles — probably on a really high-tech device like a tablet or smartphone.



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4 Factors That Can Help You Choose A Residential Internet Service

The internet allows people to conduct video chats, send emails, share media, and more. Many people work and play on the internet, making it an integral part of their daily lives. Reliable home internet access is a crucial way to stay connected. Luckily, residential internet service can help you get connected. Here are four factors that can help you choose a residential internet service provider:

1. Service Area

Every internet service provider has a service area. Residents who live inside the service area can purchase an internet plan to take advantage of wireless internet service. Multiple ISPs may provide service for your area, depending on where you're located. You can find out which ISPs serve your area by calling a customer service representative directly. You'll be asked to provide your zip code, and based on that information, a representative can let you know about your options.

2. Internet Speed

Fast internet speeds are a great benefit in a high-speed world. High-speed internet will allow most web pages to load instantaneously. It will also allow you to stream movies, television shows, and music without lengthy buffering times. Many ISPs offer different connectivity speeds for different prices. You should choose a speed that is compatible with your usage needs. Light internet users can save money by choosing slightly slower speeds. People who spend the majority of their time on the internet may find it worth their while to spend the extra money on faster internet service.

3. Package Deals

Many ISPs offer internet packages or bundles designed to help customers save money when they purchase multiple services. Internet packages can help you get set up with home phone service and cable TV service. Purchasing multiple services together will typically cost you less than buying those same services individually. However, you shouldn't purchase additional services that you don't need. You should only choose a package deal that offers services you will use.

4. Hotspots

Some people spend a lot of time outside the house. Some ISPs give their customers the opportunity to access their internet service on the go using hotspots. Hotspots are areas where wireless internet access is available for anyone with the correct log-in credentials. ISP customers can use their account information to access hotspots and use the internet at no additional charge. If you're often away from home, hotspots can give you a way to access the internet on your computer or cellphone without paying for additional data.